Almyta Control System is designed to handle every aspect of inventory management, providing the ability to track each step in the inventory life cycle from the time you create a purchase order for your supplier to the moment you ship the product to your customer. At the same time, Almyta Control Systemís modular organization ensures flexibility and enables you to adapt the program to your specific needs.

Major functionality by module

(all modules are included with the system at one low price)

  • Generic
    Single user
    Multi user
    Multiple companies
    Multiple Warehouses for a company
    Multiple Currencies
    User selectable decimal places for currency
    Multiple workstation configurations
    Multiple logos
    User selectable decimal places for inventory units
    Copy to New company function
    Company backups
    Restore Last function
    Restore Any function
    Password protection
    Screen and report permissions by user or group
    Screen fields translations
    Popup messages translation
    Screens and reports customizations
    Add-in functions, reports, and forms technology
    Export data to Microsoft Excel, Word, HTML, and text functionality
  • Purchasing
    Purchase orders for inventory and fixed assets
    Automatic with suffix/prefix or manual purchase order numbering
    Receiving inventory and fixed assets against purchase orders
    Automatic purchase order generation based on historical data
    Quick price quotation based on purchasing history
    Supplier database with suspension and probation warning flags
    Supplier catalog for inventory items
    Purchasing unit of measure conversion
    Supplier's term agreements (contracts) for inventory items
    Supplier multiple pickup locations
    Supplier browse and advanced search
    Buying materials for specific work orders
    Blanket purchase orders with the delivery schedule
    Support for purchase order approval process
    Support for "onetime buy" items
    Support for items with temporary IDs
    Payment terms and predefined memos
    Support for custom printed purchase order from
    Reports include Low Stock Notification and Inventory to Order
    Copy to New function
    Support for screen customization
  • Warehouse Appointments
    Scheduling warehouse appointments for inventory items
    Automatic with suffix/prefix or manual appointment numbering
    Receiving inventory against warehouse appointments
    Reporting back to a client the appointments' status
    Support for screen customization
    Automated invoices for handling and shipping.
  • Inventory Control
    Inventory Item Master List
    Inventory Item Master List filters
    Inventory unit detail
    Unit detail filters
    Multiple warehouse locations with a default location
    Multiple Warehouses
    Warehouse/location movement logs
    Inventory direct positive/negative adjustment
    Multiple receive/issue screen formats and views
    Auto-loading support for inventory issues
    Issue by location, serial number, remarks support
    Multiple Pick list and packing List formats
    Stow list at receiving support
    Serial/lot number data entry assistance at receiving
    Internal Inventory Labels with barcodes support
    Barcode scanning at receiving
    Barcode scanning at loading and shipping
    Inventory Repairs
    Inventory Leasing
    Inventory shipped/used units archives
    Inventory Cost Quotation
    Inventory reservations for specific work orders
    Buy, Sell, and Make items types
    First and second Serial/Lot numbers with full barcode support
    Auto-assign Serial/Lot numbers
    Inventory Categories
    Unit of Measure conversions
    Package Types
    Cost Centers
    Default suppliers (clients)
    In Stock, On Hold, Committed, and On Order totals and details
    Item pictures with catalog printing
    Manufacturing and Engineering numbers
    General Leger accounts
    Fast browse and advanced Search
    Monthly demand auto-calculation based on historical data
    Numerous reports and barcoded labels
    Ten custom dropdown lists for extra properties
    Copy to New function
    LIFO, FIFO, and average costs evaluation
    Screen customization support
    Inventory Import/Export
    Batch barcode readers support
    RF barcode readers support
    Multiple barcode format definitions
    Composite barcode parsing
  • Sales/Shipping Orders
    Sales/Warehouse Shipping orders for inventory items
    Automatic with suffix/prefix or manual order numbering
    Order fulfillment
    Customer/Contact List with line of business classification
    Customer Multiple "ship to" locations
    Customer warning flags
    Customer multiple sales representatives
    Customer browse and advanced search
    Customer link to supplier
    Order approval support
    Support for kits
    Support for work orders
    Quotes for outstanding orders
    Invoices for shipped orders
    Pick List and Packing Slip
    Shipping Manifest (Bill of Lading)
    Payment terms and predefined memos
    Carriers and "ship via" lists
    Fill or Kill orders
    Auto and semi-auto backorder generation
    Copy to New function
    Screen customization support
    Customer and sales representative auto-email support
    Automated invoices for handling and shipping.
  • Work Orders
    Machine assembly orders
    Automatic with suffix/prefix or manual order numbering
    Fixed Asset repair and maintenance orders
    Customer site orders
    Automatic product creation with serial number assignments
    Automatic parts consumption
    Blanket work orders
    Approval support
    Parts and labor quotations
  • Bill of Materials
    Single level bill of materials
    Multi level bill of materials (up to 20 levels)
    Component serial number tracking
    Circular reference detection
    Automatic assembly cost calculation
    Critical parts support
    Purchase and reserve parts support
    Copy to New function
    Screen customization support
  • Fixed Asset Management
    Automatic with suffix/prefix or manual asset tags
    Tangible Assets
    Intangible Assets
    Asset to asset allocation
    Usage counters
    Energy consumption counters
    Replacement costs
    Direct receive/retirement
    Purchase order receive
    Deprecation comparison (by two deprecation types) reports
    Copy to New function
    Asset pictures with catalog printing
    Barcoded asset tag labels
    Screen customization support
Hardware/Software Requirements:
  • Intel or AMD based PC
  • Windows XP SP2/Server 2003/Vista
  • 60MB free disk space
  • 800 x 600 minimum screen resolution
  • Network for multi user configurations (optional)
Technical Features:
  • Single/Multi user with password protection
  • Multiple Company, Training, and Test Datasets
  • Backup and Restore
  • Workstation/Login Sensitive Configuration and Screen Customization
  • Scan/Print Barcode Ready
  • MS SQL Server Backend (optional)

"Almyta Control System is an attractive, integrated package thatís easy to install and makes a quick ramp-up possible. In addition, your technical support team did a great job in understanding our needs and providing the technical assistance we required to customize the program to our environment."

- Helen Tibur, Owner, 2Q Logistics


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