For version 3.12.11C or later, you can use auto-updater, which is located
in the "Help/Download Updates" menu.

Inventory Software Auto-Updater

Please update your software from Help menu tab, Download Updates.

Almyta Control System was last updated on May 15th, 2018

3.12.39E - Moving on/off the holding locations function has been revised. Staging location can be a holding as well now.
3.12.39D - Data export file names are more descriptive now.
3.12.35I - Muliple improvements, Approvel Dates, Part Revisions.
3.12.34A - Mobile devices added.
3.12.28A - Order fulfillment screen revised. Multiple fixes and improvements.
3.12.27A - Addressing MS Access 2010 crashes on Windows 7. Other MS Access 2010/Windows 7 related issues.
3.12.26D - Readjusted currency rates update functionality.
3.12.26C - Added fields to the Sales Invoice and Quote printout.
3.12.26B - Help menu weblinks changed.
3.12.26A - Subassembly workorder auto-making (Work Order screen, button to the left of WO Number), BOM component bulk updater (Data menu tab).
3.12.19A - Added: Order fulfillment to PDF added, issuing parts with 0 assembly units on the work order screen. Fixed: "Item cost update based on last PO".
3.12.15B...18A - Mulptiple improvements and fixes.
3.12.15A - Restrict attachment placements (System/Attachment Locations menu).
3.12.14A - Currency rates auto-updates.
3.12.13K - View location on the map instantly by double-clicking an address field on any screen.
3.12.12A - Customer part numbers on the Shipping Order screen, Line Items. Sales quotations.

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